One Man And His Adult Circumcision - My Circumcision Aged 21



Well todayís the day, and to say that Iím nervous is a huge understatement.

I thought I'd take a few pictures before my circumcision just to give something to compare to:



I arrived at the surgery at about 11:30, and after waiting for a little while was seen by Sylvia (the practice manager) who gave me some antibiotic powder, an aftercare leaflet, took payment for the op and had me sign the consent form.

A short while later Doctor Zarifa called me into his office and we had a brief chat about why I wanted to be circumcised and what I expected from the procedure. Then came the dreaded physical examination. Dr Z had me lay on the bed, drop my trousers and boxers and proceeded to check that my foreskin retracted OK, and to explain what he intended to do during the op itself. Afterwards he explained a bit more about the op, the consequences and after care (complete with diagrams!).

After the examination I was sent back to the waiting room for a while and finally called into the nurseís room by Dr Z (by now the nerves had really set in), and once again I had to drop my trousers and underwear and hop on the bed. At this point I met Nurse Pat. I have to say that everyone did their best to make me feel relaxed (including Dr Zís small talk to take my mind off what he was doing Ďdown belowí). Dr Z took a lot of trouble to explain exactly what he was doing (which helped put me at ease).

First off he swabbed the area down with an antiseptic solution and after mopping up the excess went on to administer the local anaesthetic injections. I think I had four or five injections, the first of which didnít really hurt, but wasnít particularly pleasant either (just a little prick?!). I didnít really feel the remaining injections. Next Dr Z spent a few minutes lining up my foreskin in the locking forceps, before asking me to have a look and make sure I was happy with the proposed position of the cut line (which looked OK to me). At this point I was asked to stay very still as this was the most important part of the op (the actual cutting) and after asking if I definitely wanted to go ahead, the doc proceeded to cut off my foreskin. I felt a slight sting as he cut through the back of the foreskin, but other than that I didnít feel a thing. Next the doc excised my frenulum, and set about cauterising the bleeding (itís a very surreal sight chatting to the doctor while heís attacking your cock with what looks like a soldering iron Ė Iíll never be able to smell a barbeque again without thinking of my circ!). At this point I asked to have a look, but was advised against it (probably for the best!). Finally Dr Z began to suture the incision (which took almost as long as the circumcision itself). To finish the wound was dressed with a compression dressing and I was allowed to dress and then had to sit in the waiting room for a further half hour. Once Dr Z was happy that I had urinated and had checked my penis to ensure that there was no bleeding I was OK to leave.

I didnít experience any pain as such during the circumcision or afterwards. The worst I had was a burning/stinging sensation around the incision site a short while afterwards.

I was quite shocked as to how easy the whole thing was (or rather how easy Dr Zarifa made it look!), and how well everyone involved managed to put me at ease (bearing in mind that I was absolutely bricking it when I arrived).





Well all looks well today, the bandage is caked in blood though and the compression dressing means that when I piss I dribble for ages afterwards. Decided this evening is bandage removal time, as it was coming off anyway. Had a nice soak in the bath and applied the vial of antiseptic powder given to me by the doctor, but managed to make the incision line bleed again when I removed the dressing. Nothing too major but took a while to stop. Glans is sensitive as hell and stitches are catching on my underwear but not too much swelling at the moment. Decided on an early night, but lost count of the number of times I woke up with the beginnings of an erection.




Quite a few spots of blood on my boxers this morning, and my inner foreskin has swelled quite dramatically since last night (it's one thing seeing pictures, and quite another waking up and looking down at a mini 'elephant man'!). Incision line looks quite clean today, even if my shaft and ball bag look like they've had a good kicking. Had a soak in the bath and cleaned the gunk and dried blood off of the cut line, and just letting the whole thing air out a bit.




Well the swelling on the top of my penis seems to have gone down, and I've started adding a handful of salt to my baths. Found the best thing for cleaning the gunk off of the incision site is non-fleecing cotton pads for removing make-up etc. (non-fleecing as you don't want bits of cotton wool stuck in the wound!). A bit worried by a yellowish clear discharge from the frenulum area, but have been assured that this is most likely lymphatic fluid and is perfectly normal (a green pus-like discharge on the other hand is a sign of infection). Can't wait for everything to heal up so I can play with my new toy!




This is the end of my fourth day as a roundhead, and so far things aren't looking too bad. There's still quite a bit of lymph draining from the frenulum area, but everything looks clean. The swelling's about the same, although the incision line & frenulum area aren't as sore as they were yesterday (although I have been popping Co-Dydramol & Motifene if I have to go out - otherwise I've been walking around in the buff). Just had a read-up on line to persuade myself that everything appears to be healing normally - seems there's a lot of information on the web about circumcision but very little on healing, etc (i.e. the bits you really want to know about after the event!).




Stitches are now beginning to drive me crazy (they seem to spend most of their time caught on my underwear) and I can't wait until they start coming out (although I might give them a helping hand if they carry on the way that they are!). My inner foreskin is itching like crazy where the swelling has made it bunch up behind the glans, but I did wake up fewer times last night with a raging hard on. Night time erections aren't so much painful at the moment, but I can feel the stitches on the left hand side of my cock pulling - my body seems to know not to get a full-on erection yet (which I am very pleased about). Lymph is still draining from my (ex) frenulum but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.



Well I lost my first stitch last night (thought it was a piece of fluff embedded in the wound, so gave it a gentle tug - quite surprised that it didn't hurt). Seem to be feeling quite sore today, but that's probably down to the fact this is the first time that I've driven since my circ. Things appear to be going well, and I'm hoping to remove alternate stitches on Saturday as the last thing I want is suture marks or tunnels.



Here I am at the end of my first week since my circumcision, and if I can give one piece of advice to others in this situation it is this; don't go out drinking, playing pool & clubbing a week after your circ in tight jeans. What with having to peel my cock off of my boxers (due to the lymph STILL leaking from my ex-frenulum), and catching my stitches every time I went for a piss, not a pleasant experience. I seem to be healing quite well, but the stitches are incredibly 'prickly'. The only problem so far has been going without wanking for 7 days (probably the longest since discovering it years ago) and being horny as hell. Being lazy and not being able to be bothered to have a second bath this evening I decided it would be OK to soak my cock in a cup of warm salted water to clean the wound. However being a twat I put too much salt in the water and my cock is now stinging like hell (I won't be doing that again!).



DAYS 8/9

Nothing much to report, still leaking lymph and the stitches are still driving me mad (although I did bottle trying to remove them myself at the moment as after a bit of poking found they were quite sore).


DAY 10

Back to work today - why is it you always need to adjust yourself when there are loads of people around! Lost count of the number of times I was reminded of my new cut status by my stitches catching (or even better) my helmet rubbing on my boxers. Had a nice long soak in the bath to try and encourage the stitches to come out - lost 4 tonight with a little bit of a tug (haven't quite broken out the stitch cutter yet as I've realised how difficult it's going to be removing my own sutures aseptically and without injuring myself).


DAY 11

Swelling seems to have settled down quite well, although the swelling around the frenulum area no longer feels as if it is liquid filled, it's gone hard but as far as I know this isn't anything to worry about. Nocturnal erections no longer seem to be waking me up and my glans and inner foreskin are beginning to peel slightly. However my inner foreskin is beginning to itch like crazy again (hopefully this will stop when the remainder of the swelling goes down). I've now lost all but two stitches (after yet another long soak in the bath - some took a slight tug, but others just fell out when I cleaned the incision line).



DAY 12

Nothing much to say today, things seem to be going OK.


DAY 13

All of the stitches are finally out (with the exception of a small thread by my frenulum - which has an appointment with the tweezers tomorrow!). The incision line appears to have opened up slightly at the back, but I was warned this may happen so I'm not too worried (however it does sting a bit!). Not sure whether I should try things out tomorrow and have a wank, as I don't think I've ever been this horny in my life, but I guess I shall wait and see if the incision has opened up as much as I think it has.



Well I decided against wanking today for a number of reasons (none related to my cock however), and the incision line doesn't seem to have opened up much at all (thankfully!). All of the stitches are now out - which is good 'cause I really didn't fancy having to take them out myself. Things seem to be progressing really well 'downstairs', and I have virtually no pain now (I think the majority of it was caused by the stitches though). There have been a few occasions during the past fortnight when I have questioned my decision to be circumcised, but now things are pretty much settled (even though I won't know the final outcome for a while longer) I'm 110% glad I went through with it.


DAYS 15-17

I've decided to lump these 3 days together as nothing of any particular note has happened. Things seem to be healing well and the frenulum area isn't as sore as it was before.


DAY 18

This is the first time I've really had a close look at my cock and I have to say, all things considered, it's looking pretty damned good! The incision line has all but healed over on the upper surface of my cock (although there are a few faint stitch marks, but considering the stitches haven't been out that long I can't see any reason why these shouldn't fade into obscurity). The frenulum area has (finally) stopped leaking lymph and is slowly healing up, with the wound on the tip of my glans (where I had a tag of frenulum remaining) is pretty much healed. I've now stopped having baths and am back onto showers, although I am trying to keep the spray away from my cock for just a little while longer. Just one point to note is that while some guys have a lot of problems with extra sensitivity as a result of their helmets being permanently exposed, mine hasn't been too bad. It's more of a pleasant tingly sensation - which just serves to remind me that I'm circumcised!



DAY 19

Well I'm definitely very horny now but I think I am going to wait until my frenulum area has healed over. Beyond that there's not really anything more to add from yesterday. I am going to stop documenting things day by day after day 21 as this will be 3 weeks since my circumcision and there's not really a lot happening on a daily basis.


DAY 20

So much for waiting until everything had healed over before trying out my new toy. I couldn't wait any longer last night so I decided to just lube up and go for it. All I can say about my first cut orgasm is "OH MY GOD!", I think without a doubt it was the best orgasm I have ever had (through wanking anyway). I touched the scar/incision line as little as possible and just concentrated on the head (not wanting to disturb anything) but if that was just a taster of what's to come I can't wait to be able to use the whole thing :-)


DAYS 21 - 28

Not really anything to say here except my cock has had a hell of a lot of use these past 7 days (definitely not regretting getting cut!). My ex-frenulum still has a slight scab on it, and the incision line at the back of my penis hasn't fully closed over yet - but from what people have said this area takes a little while longer to heal anyway, so I'm not too worried about that. The only 'problem' I've come across is having to lube up to wank (I can't just lay in bed and play with it anymore - like I could when I had a foreskin), but as soon as I get going the new sensations and the strength of the orgasms put this into perspective.


DAYS 29 - 36

Here I am at the end of my fifth week without a foreskin and things couldn't be better. I've started applying Vitamin E to the scar line twice daily now in the hope that it will further fade the scar (which seems to be coming along well). As much isn't happening now in terms of healing, etc. I think it's time to stop the blow by blow account of things and just leave you with my conclusions (however I will post pics every month down the line until I feel things are fully healed and I can show the final result!)


DAY 52



DAY 97

Well, here we are nearly 100 days since my circumcision, and I have to say things are still improving. The scar line has calmed down since the last update, with the exception of the left-hand side of my cock. However, I've been told that it can take anywhere upto 24 months for a scar to 'mature' and take on it's final appearance so I'm not particularly worried about this. I am intending to give some scar reduction patches a go in the near future, and will write on that in due course. The only other thing I've been doing is rubbing vitamin E oil into the scar line - I didn't have the discipline to apply it every day so I've mixed it with some baby oil and have been using it as a lubricant, that way it gets applied at least once a day ;-). I'm still really pleased with the result of my circumcision, but unfortunately I still haven't had the opportunity to try things out properly so I can't comment on that side of things yet!

I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me with (mostly positive) comments about this site, and I apologise if I haven't been able to e-mail you all back individually (what with one thing and another!). So cheers for your support guys (and girls!).




My Adult Circumcision - Conclusions

After months of deliberation taking the plunge and getting circumcised was one of the best things I could have ever done in terms of improving my body image (I can't comment on improving things sexually yet as I haven't had my end away since getting cut). There is so much information about this operation on the internet, so much of which is biased, and some of which is just plain absurd - but then I suppose considering it concerns 'altering' a mans-manhood that's to be expected. Time has yet to tell on whether or not I will lose sensitivity but all I can say on this front is that if I lose some of the hyper-sensitivity that I have then I see this as a bonus! Whilst I still don't have the finished product swinging between my legs, from how things are progressing I feel that Dr Zarifa has done a brilliant job on my cock and I can't wait to show it off to future girlfriends - I'd be interested to hear some more of the female 'take' on circumcision - as well as finding out what sex feels like with a cut dick. All I can say to any guy who finds himself considering getting cut (whether for medical, cosmetic or personal reasons) is go for it! It's great to feel my helmet rubbing on my underwear - whether out clubbing, working, shopping, wherever and as for the cleanliness side of things, I love not having a cock that smells like a bag of scampi fries if I don't wash it several times a day, and I definitely don't miss having to wipe around the toilet first thing in the morning due to the inevitable spray that comes with having a foreskin. Orgasms from wanking are amazing - and I find that if I want to I can still cum as quickly as I did when I had a foreskin, however I am getting a bit hacked off with having to wipe spunk off of the ceiling (okay a slight exaggeration but I am certainly spurting now instead of dribbling!). All that's left is a massive big-up for the people at Custom House surgery in London and in particular Dr Zuhair Zarifa - circumciser extraordinaire!

If anyone has any questions concerning my circumcision experience or are thinking of going to custom house to get cut feel free to me and I shall do my best to reply!